Technology vs Communication

Yvonne Liew Portfolio Graphic Design


Date: March 21, 2013


An experiment communication artwork emphasizing the need of our conservative conversation versus the help of technology to convey communication.

Conservative conversation – do you still remember how to speak proper sentences face to face?
do you still remember how to feel the presence of love of the loved ones? do you still remember how to feel when you express yourself?

With the help of technology, users are able to convey their thoughts to one another easily. However, we did not realize that our conservative conversation have been broken down through this method.

Let’s be frank to each other – are you saying that you still do speaking as often as you used to, before getting in touch with technology? When you meet your friends, family for an outing, won’t there be a moment you are checking on your phone for calls and messages?

Such simple tasks that we used to do and not do in the past, are now taken away from us, by us. This is a bad sign if you do both of the above, cause you lack of self control, as well as, providing mutual respect to the other party.

Start by today, 5 minutes before you meet your friends, family, put away your gadgets (smartphone, tablet, notebook), silent them if possible. Don’t let technology lead your life.


Yvonne Liew Portfolio Graphic Design


Yvonne Liew Portfolio Graphic Design